16-05-2024 Onwards


12:00 noon IST,   08:00 AM EST,   08:00 AM GMT


Thursday, 16-05-2024


12:00 noon IST,   08:00 AM EST,   08:00 AM GMT

In 2019 we hosted the GAAD India celebrations for the FIFTH time in a row, with the theme being ‘Entrepreneurship & Employment”.

In addition to accepting accessibility principles as a way life in product/service developments and technology building, we have found it imperative to be able to provide an equal opportunity platform to everybody in employment and entrepreneurship as well. What usually stands in the way of this much required inclusion is the lack of information about the opportunities and the support that is provided for this, both by the government and private organizations. Hence, GAAD India this year will focus on:

  • Education, learning and skill development opportunities for the differently abled.
  • Employment opportunities in technology and other areas.
  • Support groups and policy initiatives available for equal opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship by the differently abled – success stories and lessons.
  • Career opportunities for students and technology aspirants in areas that cater to accessibility.
  • Career choices that makes a difference.


  • Welcome Address – Introduction to GAAD – Ms.Ahana
  • Empowering and Enabling the Visually Empowered – Initiatives from Mitra Jyoti – Ms. Sathiya
  • An inspiring talk by Mr. Ramana Polavarapu, VP at Goldman Sachs
  • Recognizing those who make a difference – Premanjali Trust – School for Blind – Award of Appreciation – Mr. Krish
  • A mission with a purpose – Few words by Ms. Sandhya, Premanjali Trust
  • A musical performance by Mr. Madhu
  • Opportunities in the Corporate world – A talk by Mr. Amit Sawarkar, Colins Aerospace
  • Accessibility Innovations – IndoNVDA (Product demo by the development team) – Mr.Rajkumar (PM from Enable India)
  • A success story of ability – Mr. Giridhar, Student, CMRIT
  • An Entrepreneurship saga against odds – Cancer Cure Tech – Mr Bala,
  • Prakat Accessibility Roadmap – Mr. Abhik Biswas
  • Networking and Refreshments
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